We want to raise the intelligence of our products to meet the performance targets that have been defined as objectives in our support and consulting processes.

R&D actions are carried out transversely in each of the divisions of Grupo Prolutec.

Our research projects aim to ensure that our final products fit our customers' requirements by incorporating the latest technological innovations, our expertise, and knowledge.

We invest in research and development: these are future investments applied in our facilities, equipment and in thousands of R&D projects. We surround ourselves with the finest: our technological network is comprised of companies, innovation centers, and universities with whom we collaborate, exchanging knowledge to provide smart technology tailored to our customers.

Our team of professionals

Our team of professionals and experts apply their scientific knowledge in diverse fields, including rheology, chromatography, tribology, and more, to develop exceptional lubricants, greases, coatings, inks, and intelligent detergency and personal care products, and we are the providers of customized solutions that are one step ahead of the competition.

Commitment to innovation

Our commitment to innovation is rooted in the company’s beginnings. Our commitment to innovation is rooted in the company’s beginnings. But it is in 1996 when our projects are imbued with an avant-garde spirit that puts us at the forefront of our industry.




Grupo Prolutec guarantees that every division operates in full compliance with all current regulations and legislation. Grupo Prolutec also provides standardisation guidelines for any uses or applications and specific regulations our clients may require.