Industry sectors

Eurolube offers lubrication solutions for all industries and applications. Whether it be textile industry, steel, power plants, metallurgy, automotive, white line, aviation, medical instrumentation, cardboard and paper, electronics, telecommunications and plastics industry.

Tailor-made solutions that are adapted to all needs and always with maximum safety, such as H1 for the food industry, lubricants with high thermal stability or washable.

Conventional sector
Food, pharma and beverage sector

Conventional sector

Warehouse Automation & Logistics

Automotive industry

Recubrimientos y tintas de alta tecnología desde 1917.

Plastics Industry: Extrusion / Injection / Blow Molding

Tratamiento de aguas, higiene y desinfección en industria alimentaria cuidando el medioambiente

Cement Industry / Quarrying / Prefabricated / Mining

Tratamiento de aguas, higiene y desinfección en industria alimentaria cuidando el medioambiente

Ceramics / Slate / Granite Industry

Wind energy industry

Railway industry

Wood / Board Industry

Maritime industry

Chemical / Petrochemical Industry

Paper / corrugated cardboard

Steel industry

Textile / Spinning / Weaving / Dyeing / Finishing Industry

Metalworking Industry

Flat Glass / Automotive Industry

Lacquering industry

Graphic Arts / Metal graphy Industry

Metal Packaging Industry

Food, pharma and beverage sector

Food industry

Agri-food industry


Meat industry



Canning industry

Dairy Industry



Cheese Industry

Juice Industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Cosmetics industry

Our commitment is particularly important to the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, as they manufacture, handle, package and market products for human consumption. Lubricants used in these industries preserve or improve the functioning of the manufacturing media and the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) requires that they do not intentionally contact the manufactured product.

Eurolube adheres to HACCP protocols, a system that enables us to evaluate and manage the risks and crucial points of possible food contamination by microbial, physical, or chemical agents.

At Eurolube we guarantee compliance with regulations and thus improve the reputation of the brand and the company of our customers, their competitiveness, productivity and profitability.

In case of accidental contact with the manufactured product, the FDA requires the use of substances that are safe and neutral to smell and taste and classifies them as H1 substances.

Coffee, meat, bottling (of beverages, smoothies, juices and honey), frozen or canning enterprises (including vegetables and fish), manufacturers of chocolates, candies, feed and sugar, pharmaceuticals, dairy and bakeries, and many others, use machinery that needs to apply lubrication with different greasiness and viscosity at different contact points– such as gears, can closer bearings, vegetable and fruit peeler bushings, bottle stoppers and dosing machines, granulators, shrink wrappers, etc.

In order to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria in these application points, we offer the Biobac line of H1 lubricants.

Grupo Prolutec is technologically leading the sector of special lubricants. We develop products in the most cutting-edge sectors in terms of lubrication and greases, such as high speed, the design of lubricants with high viscosity index or products with technology incorporating PTFE.