We feel that caring for the environment is a responsibility that should be a priority for everyone. One of our aims in this area is to minimise the environmental impact of our business activity. We want our environmental strategy to be well-founded and exacting, and set concrete and measurable commitments.

The global scientific community agrees that climate change is the result of human interaction with the planet. The Paris Agreement highlighted an important point: everyone – governments, institutions, associations, communities, cities, countries and individuals – needs to fight against climate change by drastically reducing their carbon footprint.

We have incorporated these guidelines into our company’s DNA, beginning with our facilities. . Our factory and main warehouse are located in Sant Pere de Vilamajor, at the heart of the Montseny Natural Park, which is considered a world heritage site and was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1978. This choice of location brought with it the immediate obligation to respect our protected surroundings. That is why the factory has its own water treatment plant and an air filtration system that purifies steam emissions in an effort to achieve 0% polluting gases.

Moreover, we demand our suppliers maintain the same standards. From the moment raw materials are purchased, we study the impact of their use.

We classify raw materials according to their environmental hazard potential with the aim of reducing their life cycle and minimising their carbon footprint, and only work with suppliers that comply with our environmental standards.

We extend our “eco-friendly philosophy” to every area of our business activity. We purchase small containers, but also large-volume containers that cause less pollution in their production and are also made using recycled materials. We reject the use of highly-contaminating chlorates. We recycle our own 1,000 litre drums and barrels, sealing them to ensure any residue on or inside them does not pollute the environment

All of these small gestures and our good environmental practices make a difference; we believe that, if we all join forces, we can and must help to protect our planet.