Due to the nature of the products we manufacture, we maintain a firm commitment to quality. Our aim is to achieve highly reliable products that have been developed responsibly by our entire team.

The staff members assigned to each procedure are fully trained in their job and in the production protocols.

This is particularly important when navigating critical points in the production process. We make a special effort to eliminación de cualquier posible contaminación cruzada eliminate any possible cross contamination that may affect products that will later be used in highly sensitive sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industries or cosmetics, or in cleaning and detergent services that need the guarantee of safe, effective products. In this respect, our commitment to quality is also a commitment to human health.

Every production process and custom project follows the guidelines on hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), a systematic preventive approach that guarantees food safety. The correct implementation of adequate preventive and correctional measures is vital to avoid any risk of contamination on a physical, chemical or biological level in the production and supply chain.

We use the following protocols for this purpose: equipment cleaning and hygiene, conservation of raw materials, filter control (using cartridges with different micron ratings) and mixing processes that prevent mechanical damage or contamination.

We reinforce our quality controls with another series of tests that include the correct marking and labelling of the product with any information required by current legislation, along with the batch number, tracking protocols and sporadic sampling, among others.