NYE LUBRICANTS INC. This US-based company has been a leader in the innovation, formulation and development of synthetic lubricants for more than 150 years. Its privileged geographical location on the outskirts of Boston lends to regular cooperation with MIT in developing a wide variety of projects.

The relationship between NYE and Grupo Prolutec dates back to the signing of a distribution agreement for Spain and Portugal by the two companies in 1999.  NYE quickly became a vital partner in our business strategy thanks to their cutting-edge expertise in the sector. Their exacting standards in the study of materials, product performance under extreme conditions, raw material and polymer technology, and the high-tech knowledge we obtained through our partnership with them, helped us to gain a strong position in the market and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

RHENUS LUBThis company based in Germany specialises in lubricants for the metalworking industry, and more specifically, for machining processes with or without material loss.

The partnership formed between Grupo Prolutec and Rhenus Lub revolves mainly around cooling lubricants. Each company’s business vision is similar in many aspects, which is why our shared strategy is not only based on offering universal products, but also on working together on specific client projects: by pooling our expertise, we achieve better solutions to machining process needs from a technical, economic and ecological point of view.

Our work with Rhenus Lub allows us to develop water-miscible coolants (for machining processes involving difficult metals and other modern materials), non- water-miscible coolants, amine and boric acid-free coolants, special coolants for efficient composite machining, and any other specific product that may be required to cover the machining needs of any industrial sector.

INICIATIVAS. This multinational consultancy firm offers specialist guidance on tax incentives, funding and grants to R&D. It has catalogued and analysed more than 1,500 Grupo Prolutec projects to implement specific actions to boost technological and economic development. Managing tax incentives for R&D and calls for submissions for grants and public funding in an effective, comprehensive way has a positive impact on our income statement.

LEITAT. This technological centre is a member of TECNIO (the network of major local R+D+I groups and technology transfer agents created by the Regional Government of Catalonia) and recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Our partnership with them brings technological value to both our products and our processes. Joint industrial research, development and innovation have allowed us to overcome several technological challenges, particularly in rheology, tribology and IR (infrared radiation).

CSIC. The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe. It is one our strategic references in research and scientific or technical advice, a source of information and results transfer to the business sector, provides training and is also Spain’s scientific representative in the international arena.