Since Prolutec SA was established in 1989, we have continually grown and reached our goals, which has allowed us to gain nearly 30 years of experience in the field of synthetic chemicals and their applications in different areas of industry. Although we began as a company operating in the field of machinery and lubricants, in which our main role was scouring the international market for specialist products to distribute, our business became increasingly complex and Prolutec eventually grew into a manufacturing company with a drive for growth, specialisation and continuous improvement under our brand EUROLUBE.

A significant step in this direction was the opening of our laboratory, which allowed us to improve on the products we purchased for distribution and, at the same time, develop our own. The laboratory was consolidated with the acquisition of DOGUS SA in 1996, a company that brought with it vast experience in special coatings for both rigid and flexible packaging. Our business philosophy was born: GRUPO PROLUTEC is comprised of several divisions and places client needs at the heart of the business, creating custom product designs to cover specific requirements.

We continue to APPROACH every project with the same EXCITEMENT and PROFESSIONALISM and for us, every day is an OPPORTUNITY to achieve something new.

In 1999, we took on the distribution of NYE LUBRICANTS INC. products. This manufacturer creates high-technology lubricants for cutting-edge industries, the most significant of which are the aerospace sector, robotics and electronics. However, our agreement went beyond simple product distribution: we established an ongoing partnership with their laboratory and design team. This provided us with the technological expertise we needed to place our business at the forefront of new lubrication technology.

We broadened our business horizons in 2005 with the incorporation of DETERCO SL, a detergent manufacturing company. This acquisition opened the door to the professional detergent market and custom maintenance solutions for the services sector: Grupo Prolutec’s detergent division NAUTRAL was created alongside the DETERCO division.

In recent years, we have taken on the role of venture capital fund: we invest some of the company’s profits in purchasing SMEs and startups, absorbing their technology and sales networks. We continue to approach every project with the same excitement and professionalism and for us, every day is an opportunity to achieve something new. We have an open mindset and a strong focus on the market, moving among the major technological players in our sector.

History of Prolutec

We are proud of our company and invite you to discover some of the most important milestones in Grupo Prolutec’s history.


Company founded


R&D Lab Opens


Acquisition of Dogus


Distribution agreement with NYE COMPANY


Arcelormittal – Grease plant opens


Acquisition of Deterco


New premises

1989 Prolutec S.A. is founded.

1992 The first ad hoc designs and products for maintaining and extending the useful life of high-temperature chains in machinery are developed.

1995 A specialised R&D laboratory is set up to develop client projects. It is equipped for work with the latest techniques in rheometry, infrared spectroscopy, chromatography and spectrophotometry, among others.

1996 Prolutec acquires the DOGUS paint factory, which specialises in industrial coatings and inks. Our business group, Grupo Prolutec, will gradually be formed by the fusion of different divisions to become the company we are today.

1998 Prolutec obtains ISO 9001 certification. Quality control systems are set up in the company, with procedures, processes and resources for continuous improvement in our performance and efficacy in client service and product development.

1999 A distribution agreement is signed with NYE LUBRICANTS INC. The Rheology Department is created.

2000 A department is created for the study of oil and grease residue management and re-use.

2001 Our fluorinated grease project is launched (high-pressure homogenisation).

2002 The first production plant manufacturing industrial grease from recycled products is opened in partnership with ARCELORMITTAL.

2003 Industrial sites are purchased for the construction of the new factory.

2004  Prolutec products are awarded NSF/FDA certification covering the food industry, cosmetics and laboratories. Special designs are created for high-temperature/low-volatility applications. Special PTFE-based products are designed. The company incorporates new technologies for working with special H1 oils with the new Envaslube line.

2005 The detergent and hygiene product factory DETERCO is incorporated into the Group. The NAUTRAL division is created. DOGUS creates its own line of inks.

2006 The Legionella and Water Treatment division is created.

2007 Prolutec acquires another company, EQUIPAMENTS DEL VALLÈS. The Restauralia division is created. The new Poliurea grease line is launched.

2008  9,000 m² of new facilities, including a factory and laboratories, are opened in Sant Pere de Vilamajor. The Biobac line of lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical industries is launched. A new enzymatic detergent is launched.

2009 The Hostelería/SAT (Hospitality and Customer Experience) division is established.  New lines of concentrated products are launched. A new electronic invoicing system is implemented at the company.

2010  Our HACCP Management programme is implemented throughout the company covering food, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics. A new line of fluorinated greases is created.

2011 The company obtains ISO 21469 certification for the manufacture of lubricants for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Prolutec Servicios becomes an authorised quality certification company for the Q for tourism quality.

2012 Prolutec is awarded ISO 14001 certification for environmental quality in filter treatment and oil recovery.

2013 Prolutec acquires AMBINET, a company specialising in pest control and food safety. An app is developed to allow our clients to monitor product consumption.

2014 A working protocol is implemented in accordance with AENOR (Spanish Association for Normalisation and Certification) regulation UNE 171210:2008 establishing good practice guidelines on disinfection, fumigation and rodent control.

2015 We develop surface microbial biofilm detection kits and absorbent disinfectant products.

2016 Prolutec develops new technology in dispersion additives. We acquire BARNAFILTROS SL, a company that specialises in the installation of extraction systems and filter maintenance. A tribometer is incorporated in our laboratory for the analysis of lubricants and coatings.

2017 Prolutec acquires OPTILUBERHENUS becomes a technological partner in production mechanisation processes.