Grupo Prolutec is a group of companies in the chemical sector that manufacture smart synthetic products and offer maintenance services to all areas of industry. We have four specialist divisions Eurolube, Dogus, Nautral and Deterco– which share a common denominator: quality and customer service. These divisions work in the fields of lubricants, coatings (paints and inks), detergents, disinfectants and facilities and machine management.

Our expertise has allowed us to expand beyond traditional products.


We strive to innovate and aim to create a new generation of more reliable products that satisfy our clients’ specific needs and requirements with more features, new functions and more effective, sustainable uses and applications. For this reason, smart products are at the heart of our business strategy as their performance will match client specifications.

We treat every new project as a custom project. Although we manufacture a wide portfolio of effective products, our solution to any new challenge facing a client is always based on an improvement proposal, and our work process is divided into four stages:


We study and document the client’s current situation and come to an agreement on the improvements and value our project will bring to their company.


We present the Grupo Prolutec proposal, which establishes the project goals and desired results.


Next, we define a series of indicators that will allow us to both demonstrate that the project targets have been reached and measure the success of our solutions.


Finally, our relationship with the client does not end there: we offer our clients peace of mind after the project is completed by monitoring the indicators to ensure the agreed results are maintained over time.

This meticulous work process guarantees that every Grupo Prolutec project is a success. We make sure that we have a clear understanding of our clients’ objectives and guarantee the agreed results are achieved.

What we achieve

> Improved brand reputation.
> Increased competitiveness.
> Improved work environment.
> Increased productivity.
> Increased profitability.
> Regulatory compliance.
> Greater client satisfaction.
> Streamlined purchasing and control processes.

What we prevent

> The partial or complete closure of production facilities.
> Exposure to fines and penalties.
> Damage to the company’s reputation.
> Intoxication and contamination.
> Financial losses.
> Losing clients to competitors.

Clients who have placed their trust  in Grupo Prolutec’s smart solutions know that they have made a cost-effective investment that adds value to their business.

If you have a specific requirement, contact us to request a custom project.