Nautral is the division at Grupo Prolutec that specialises in the manufacture of detergents with a wide variety of industrial applications.

The team leading this division centres on the manufacture of high-technology products to optimise our clients’ cleaning and hygiene processes. We apply our smart product philosophy at Nautral: if a client informs us of a specific cleaning need, we develop a new product with advanced hygiene technology that delivers the appropriate features and effective performance for the desired use.

In general, Nautral products contain one or several active ingredients that are non-hazardous to humans and the environmentbactericides, fungicides, insecticides, etc. – and perfumes, which provide pleasant fragrances that last for varying periods of time.

Numerous raw materials are involved in producing detergents:

Surfactants: these give the finished product its detersive and emulsifying properties.

Admixtures: polyphosphates, carbonates, silicates or polymers that enhance the action of the surfactant.

Additives: whiteners, colourants, enzymes, softeners or alcohols, etc. which provide properties other than detergence.

Beyond their physical composition, the most important component in Nautral products is the Grupo Prolutec seal of quality. We work hard to ensure that our products are suitable and effective, and present no risks to public health. For example, non-irritant detergents that do not harm the skin have a pH closest to neutral – using our technology and skills, we are able to maintain a strict control of this type of product to ensure low alkalinity levels.

The catering and services industry, hospitals and schools, among many others, are sectors and spaces with frequent and demanding cleaning and detergent needs. Using the correct product that performs its function perfectly – disinfecting, degreasing, polishing, etc. – can sometimes mean the difference between the success or failure of a business, facing a penalty or fine or the need for forced downtime on a machine that is vital to the business.

At Nautral, therefore, Grupo Prolutec again complies strictly with HACCP protocols and commitments and carefully monitors the development and manufacture of Nautral products to ensure the highest standards.


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