Eurolube’s commitment to industrial lubrication consumers includes ensuring the quality of our products and adapting to provide custom solutions for any application.

We are aware of the additional costs and disadvantages generated by micro stops in the production process. Therefore, Eurolube products aim to increase machine availability in order to boost the profitability of the production process.

Eurolube is the Grupo Prolutec division that specialises in the manufacture of special lubricants with a wide variety of industrial applications.

Moreover, Eurolube is a strong technological and strategic partner, offering our clients personalised technical support, training courses, consumption studies, global lubrication studies and custom designs for their production or storage and handling .

The key to the performance of Eurolube products in the lubrication of parts and components lies in the expertise of our mechanical, electronic and chemical engineers; the research we carry out with the help of cutting-edge companies such as NYE Lubricants Inc., universities and suppliers, with whom we test new fluids, additives and thickeners; different formulation or application methods, such as aerosols; and constant innovation in fields such as nanotechnology, which has allowed Eurolube lubricants to become smart products.


If you have a specific requirement, contact us to request a custom project.