The mission statement of every Grupo Prolutec division clearly expresses our desire to share our passion for continuous improvement with our clients. We avoid off-the-shelf solutions and prefer to treat each project as a challenge, which we will always solve with a custom project to suit every client’s needs.

In this process of accompanying our clients, they may detect general training needs for a specific team or task, or perhaps in an area in which they are unaware of the latest technological advances or current legislation. Grupo Prolutec provides advanced specialist training in the specialised fields of work at Eurolube (special lubricants and greases for industrial use) and Nautral (detergents). A well-trained client is better equipped to detect their own needs and identify which smart or custom solutions can best fulfil their requirements. We aim to transfer knowledge in order to implement our work philosophy at the companies that place their trust in us.

The people responsible for the training programmes are Grupo Prolutec employees with a wealth of experience in their areas of work, who are experts in the chemical sector and have excellent teaching skills that allow them to successfully transmit their knowledge and expertise.