We want to create smarter products that provide the features defined in the design developed during our accompaniment and consultancy process.

We carry out transversal R&D projects in each of the Grupo Prolutec divisions.

Our commitment to innovation dates back to the company’s beginnings, although it was in 1996, when we opened our own laboratory, that each and every one of our projects became impregnated with the cutting-edge ethos that places us at the forefront of our sector. Our team applies their scientific knowledge to several different areas – rheology, chromatography and tribology, among others – in order to produce smart lubricants, greases, coatings, inks, detergents and personal care products. Thanks to this, we provide custom solutions that ensure we are always a step ahead of the competition.

All of our research projects are geared towards incorporating our knowledge, expertise and the latest technological innovation into the design of our products to ensure that they fulfil our clients’ expectations perfectly.

We invest in research and development, making forward-looking investments in our facilities, our team and more than 1,500 R&D projects. We surround ourselves with the strongest players in every field and have created a network of technological partners – companies, innovation centres and prestigious technical universities – with whom we exchange knowledge in order to offer our clients custom smart technology solutions.