Homestic is the Grupo Prolutec division that manufactures personal hygiene and domestic cleaning products.

Although it is the newest division and is still in its development phase, Homestic is here to stay. It is a project based on a philosophy that is close to Grupo Prolutec’s heart: we are developing some very special, exclusive personal hygiene and domestic cleaning products that will revolutionise your home!

For us, this project is a gift: we finally have the freedom to fulfil a dream using our access to all the latest technology, expertise, and cutting-edge research in chemical product manufacturing, and a team of talented, creative professionals who have accompanied us on our journey for the last 30 years and are prepared to go all out on a new project we all believe in.

It is time Grupo Prolutec gave something back. Very soon, you will discover the result of our philosophy of 100% smart, environmentally-friendly products. We are going to condense all our expertise into a very special range of eco-friendly products that deliver on their promises and will be available soon in your local or online store.

HOMESTIC IS COMING! You will love it!