The work at Dogus has a fascinating “handcrafted” aspect to it which is directly related to the precise, in-depth knowledge of colour, the substrate (the surface onto which the colour is applied), and the machinery required for its application.

Dogus is the Grupo Prolutec division that specialises in the manufacture of technical inks and coatings with a wide variety of industrial applications.

The original company – Dogus SA – was acquired by Grupo Prolutec in 1996. This allowed our laboratory to be consolidated and our company to gain the necessary technical expertise to produce the most effective product for printing on rigid or flexible packaging.

We also have an R&D (Research & Development) department, which is equipped with the latest technology and focuses on developing suitable products to cover our clients’ specific needs. Their continued loyalty is our greatest reward and the result of 30 years of experience, daily work focusing on continuous improvement, the commitment of the people who form Grupo Prolutec and our breakthroughs and technological innovation. In every project, we aim to achieve the highest-quality product possible with all the features and applications for which it was designed.

In very general terms, we know that coatings and inks are mixtures of resins that may or may not contain glue, but it is the skill and expertise of our team that allows us to develop the most suitable formulation to cover each client’s requirements: they have worked with and can identify the correct mixture of resins and can differentiate tones on the entire colour spectrum; a wide variety of substrates, including aluminium, sheet metal, film and polypropylene have passed through their hands; and they have the exact expertise required in applying the products with machinery.

This in-depth knowledge of different materials and the skill involved in our formulation processes are the keys to the success of Dogus products.


If you have a specific requirement, contact us to request a custom project.